Your Words Don't Mean Anything Anymore
My name is Maddy and I'm 16.
Be nice to those around you.

I enjoy making friends so send me lots of messages. I love my followers.(:


I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone


"not ALL men"

look, i know steve rogers is a perfect human being, but you don’t need to bring him up in every discussion


turning off auto-capitalization on my phone because it doesn’t meet my chill ass down to earth aesthetic

If you support gay marriage reblog this. If you’re on the homophobic side, keep scrolling.







As a bisexual, it sickens me that some people WILL keep scrolling.

As the straight daughter of a gay man, it sickens me that some people will keep scrolling. 

As a straight girl with a basic understanding of equality and love, it also sickens me that people will keep scrolling.

As a straight Christian woman, I pray that people will not scroll past this. Love, not judge.

I’m re-reblogging for that last one.

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I have found the mother of all fuck her right in the pussy videos

Iggy Azalea (Karen), Amber Rose (Gretchen), Ed Sheeren (Cady), and Waka Flocka Flame (Regina) reenact the phone call scene in Mean Girls.

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